Social Media: No Point Doing It If No One Knows!

The Midlands Federation of Museums and Galleries held a really interesting day on social media.  There were some really inspirational speakers, and lots of lively discussion.  I learnt that avatars are not just found in a James Cameron film, but are also in second life. Second life is a virtual reality world you can sign up to.  Jim Richardson from Sumo Design advises the following, to make museum social media streams more effective:

  • Make on-line content easy to share across social media platforms, by using sharing tools (see below, I have taken note!).
  • Encourage people to review you, Facebook has a free review app.
  • Allow people to take photographs, so they can upload and share.
  • Take in a lodger and get them to blog.
  • Run a competition on your social media streams (Yorkshire’s Favourite Painting is an excellent example of this).
  • Treat bloggers like rockstars! Invite them to special previews.

Remember, social media is the electronic version of word of mouth.  The trick is to get your audience to tell their friends/contacts how good you are.  Also, most social media users don’t know museums are on Twitter, Facebook etc.  If you are, make sure your audience know this.  No point doing it, if no one knows you are!


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