The Conference Season

The Conference Season

Over the last two weeks I have attended three conferences.  These were:

Open Culture:  an opportunity to look at digital media developments.  I learnt that hack days with computer/app developers can be really successful.  A great ice breaker being to get everyone to make their own name badges, and award a prize.  Developers also like lots of food, but can produce great apps in just a few hours.

Museum Development:  the annual get together for museum development professionals.  We had a fascinating talk by the well-known consultant Adrain Babbidge.  He predicts that by 2020 there will be 25% less museums in the UK, as compared to 2008.  A sobering thought, and why a sustainable business model is so important to museums.  We also met with senior staff from the Arts Council.  They were keen to stress that forthcoming changes are a process, not an event.  They were encouraged by the support offered by the museum sector and want to continue the ongoing dialogue with sector stakeholders.

Association of Independent Museums (AIM) : a two day event that was held at the stunning Duxford air museum.  I got to go inside a Concorde; a plane that my parents took me to see landing at East Midlands airport many years ago!  The atmosphere at the conference was so positive.  There was an excellent presentation on how ghost tours are a valuable source of income for Bodelwyddan Castle.  A session on Trustees advised that it is good practice that Trustees only serve fixed terms.  This helps to keep the governing board fresh and innovative.  Do your Trustees have fixed terms?

I met some lovely people at these conferences, and relished the opportunity to listen to so many inspiring speakers.  Although I had to have a long weekend to take in and digest all the information!


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