Social Media, What Shall We Do Next?

So what do you want to do next with social media?  With help from the excellent Nick Booth and Gavin Wray (Podnosh), a group of museums and culutral organisations  met at Wolverhampton Archives to try and answer this question.

We had lots of ideas and discussion.  Nick talked about how the Birmingham Conversation Trust use social media to challenge a development agency.  We thought about how social media can be used to develop relationships and conversations.  Social media is a poweful channel that can be used to develop social capital, i.e. engaging lots of like minded people in a common cause.

During the day we had a group discussion on how we could use our social media resources differently, on a local, regional and global basis.  This produced some wonderful and exciting ideas.

  • Encouraging local people to write Wikipedia entries for our venues and collections
  • Open up our venues for blogger events
  • Advertise our URLs social media channels on beer mats, posters, and distribute in local and regional community venues
  • Town twinning with other towns/cities across the world with the same name
  • Promote global champions for our regions

There were loads of  inspiring ideas.  Too many to mention here, so please download this word document, that lists all the ideas. How we can do social media differently 

Please post your comments and reactions to these ideas.  As social media is all about having a conversation!




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