Social media, what inspires us

At the social media session, Nick Booth (Podnosh) also asked us what social media projects we found inspiring, or engaging.  Here is how we responded.  A really wide range of resources, and some of them are not even cultural sites!!!

Jennifer Thompson, Walsall Museum – use everyday to access collections, direct other people into collections, really useful.

Russell Dornan, Herefordshire & Ludlow Museums

Natural History Museum’s approach to Twitter (they tweet @nhm_london) – engaging, supportive, conversational, a big institution being personal .

Linda Spurdle, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery – Tyne & Wear – do engage and give people skills to tell their stories.

Linda Ellis, Wolverhampton Art Gallery – like because it’s simple, image heavy. An emporium.

Neil Lebeter, New Art Gallery, Walsall

What the Folk Say flickr group – call to people to contribute.

Zoe Renilson, New Art Gallery, Walsall

V&A Museum ran campaign for the Cold War Museum – aimed at people who weren’t typically interested museums.

Janet Davidson, Worcester University – liked how they integrate social media channels.

Marie Considine, RBSA a really fun site, that is actually well written and produced.  Just highlights how social media can be fun, and informative.

Malcolm Caston, Pen Room

Malcolm really likes the RAF Cosford

Nicky Stark, Shropshire County Council

Loves Facebook, but particularly likes the way a traditional institution like the Catholic Church have embraced social media.

Sally Hoban, Assay Office

@sallyhoban Loves Twitter for getting news before mainstream media and being able to write about it straight away. 

Emma Cook, Conurbation Museums Officer

Derby City Museum‘s work on QR codes and linking to object labels. See A real step forward of how to combine social media with museum objects


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