What has made us proud

At the Social Media, What Shall We Do Next session, Nick  Booth (Podnosh) asked us, what social media project we had worked on and was most proud of.  Here is how we responded, some really great projects. 

Jennifer Thompson, Community History Officer, Walsall Museum

Having a Facebook Page and tweeting @walsallmuseum.  Walsall Museum contributed to Walsall 24 (council tweeting what it does throughout the day), which was picked up by national media.

Russell Dornan, Biology Curatorial Trainee, Herefordshire and Ludlow Museums

Blogging a 12 month journey through museum collections, various exhibitions and conferences, training courses at biologycuratorialtrainee.wordpress.com. Tweeting @RussellDornan.

Linda Spurdle, Digital Manager, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Getting museum on board and other people involved, getting curators to join in. “It’s not just me as a lone voice in the wilderness!” Tweeting @LSpurdle.

Linda Ellis, Wolverhampton Art Gallery  and various Black Country-wide projects

Geology Matters – twitter and flickr integration is working well. Need enthusiastic amateurs (geologists) to come in when project funding ends. Working with Black Country Geological Society. Wants project to go wider, for example to Stoke and Birmingham.

Linda  is working on  the  Then And Now,  site, museum objects and their modern equivalents site. Linda is looking for partners to engage with this.

Neil Lebeter, New Art Gallery, Walsall

Most proud of their YouTube channel. (Here are Neil’s blog posts)

Zoe Renilson, Head of Education, New Art Gallery, Walsall
Personally getting on to Facebook was a big step.

Janet Davidson, Cataloguing Kays, University of Worcester
Facebook Page – getting people to contribute pictures and memories. The project celebrates “the history and public memory of Kays Worcester Catalogue by creating a community web-archive of memories and photographs evoked and inspired by an online collection of digitised images taken from 100 years of Kays Catalogues.”

Laura Page, Tourism Project Officer, Wolverhampton City Council

Looking beyond the city – promoting the city beyond the image of Wolverhampton Wanderers. Facebook page in development.  Not on Twitter yet. About to start flickr for images of Wolverhampton attractions.

Marie Considine, Gallery Director, Royal Birmingham Society of Artists
Concerned with having to do latest news on the RBSA website. Pleased at keeping up 1 news item a week on the RBSA website. How to build in capacity as well as activity? Wants to drive footfall into the RBSA gallery. How can you create community feel using tech/social media  as RBSA audience is now broader than Birmingham?

Malcolm Caston, The Pen Room Museum, Birmingham

Has Facebook page “The Pen Room Museum and Learning Centre of Pen Trade“. Had 1 video contribution. Wants more.

Nicky Stark, Information Manager, Shropshire Council

Pleased with culture change in council in favour of social media.  Positive about Facebook Page – not about people living in Shropshire or visiting archives – it’s about worldwide community. Try to bring the archives alive to people. See Shropshire’s social media accounts.

Penny Parkes, Birmingham Assay office

Facebook page facebook.com/assayoffice. Tweet @BA01773. Each department has a Facebook champion, to ensure that Facebook is regularly updated.

Kate, Marketing Officer, Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

Grand Memories website (under development and being relaunched)  to include user contributions. Proudest achievement – using Facebook and Twitter to draw attention to  Grand Memories project and the public contributing their memories to the site. 

Emma Cook, Conurbation Museums Officer, Wolverhampton

Set up westmidlandsmdo.wordpress.com to self-learn social media – and to distribute information to museums in the region. Tweeting @curator99

Maureen Waldron, Assistant Archivist, Sandwell Archives

Proudest moment – tweeting and getting a reply! Involved in Black Country History website.


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