Most Excellent Volunteer

Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum’s Most Excellent Volunteer

Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum, wanted to recruit more volunteers to present planetarium sessions, improve incentives for volunteers and establish a volunteer management programme.  In June 2010, Thinktank were awarded £968.00 from the West Midlands Museum Development Officers Programme Support scheme to support the volunteer recruitment project.

 Rutu Joshi was a volunteer recruited during the project.  Rutu’s first language is not English, but despite this, she is now leading three planetarium sessions every Sunday.  Rutu incorporates traditional Indian constellation stories into her presentations.  These fascinating stories involve stars that are familiar to us, but they are interpreted in a completely different way.

Rutu is a deeply committed volunteer.  She battled against severe weather conditions in December 2010 to deliver her planetarium sessions.  Rutu’s achievements have been recognised by the Marsh Trust, she is their National Volunteer for Museum Learning 2011.

This story highlights the amazing talent of our volunteers, and how a small amount of money, can kick-start inspiring stories.


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