Grant Applications: Top Tips

Lucie Thacker from the Birmingham Conservation Trust, offers the following advice for successful grant applications:

Tip 1: Ensure that you/ your organisation meets the eligibility criteria for the grant.

Tip 2: Don’t delay – check the latest dates for submission of your application so you hit all the deadlines.

Tip 3: Fulfill the organisation’s requirements in your application submission, don’t include extras if not specifically allowed or requested and do include everything they have asked for.

Tip 4: Read, re-read and then ask someone else to check your application, so you can be certain that your application is clear.

Tip 5: Take a copy so you know what you have sent.

Tip 6: Have a cup of tea and a piece of cake before you start the next application!

And by the way, you will need a starting point to check where to apply for grants! The Heritage Alliance’s website has a Heritage Funding DirectoryFunds for Historic Buildings does what it says on the tin – read their advice here. If you aren’t rescuing a historic building, try a search on GrantsnetThe Lottery Fund and The Heritage Lottery Fund have some top tips too, so read them and good luck with your funding bids! 

You can read the full version of Lucie’s excellent blog post on the Heritage Open Days website at


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