Henley Review of Cultural Education Published

The long-awaited Henley review of Cultural Education was published on the 28th February.

The review makes 25  specific recommendations which include a list of cultural activities that children should have taken part in at the age of 7, 11 and 16.  There will be 2.7 million funding for “Heritage Schools”.  This funding has been allocated to English Heritage to develop links with local schools to visit heritage sites, and build lists of locally accessible heritage sites. English Heritage will also use the funding to develop 9 Heritage broker roles to develop relationships with clusters of local schools.

The report argues that Ofsted  should be encouraged to comment on how schools are supporting cultural education in their provision.  Teachers should be encouraged to develop closer links with the cultural sector.  The new Arts Council Bridging Organisations, who have a remit to develop relationships with museums and schools, are supported by the Henley review.

DCMS have also announced funding of £3.6m over three years to encourage more school visits to museums and art galleries.

Click here to download the full Henley review report

More comment and analysis can be found at the Museums Association website: http://bit.ly/x70qeX

See DCMS website http://bit.ly/wgUda0 for more information relating to £15 million funding streams for Cultural Education.

Click here to download ACE’s response to the report


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