Top Tips From Young People

Most museums would like to engage more young people.  However, does your museum know what young people want?  Do you ask youngsters, or work with local youth groups?

An excellent blog post on the Guardian newspapers Cultural Network, might help you increase visits from young people.  In the article, young people from the Museum of London’s youth panel give top tips of how museums can appeal to young people.  Those tips include:

  • Don’t put young people in a box or even a case. Young people are not stereotypes.
  • The museum visit should enable them to experience being part of something creative, rather than just a member of the audience.
  • Free entrance is fantastic.
  • Exploring contemporary issues is just as relevant as looking at history.
  • Don’t assume that young people will know about your museum, just because your museum is using social media.
  • Word of mouth is the best publicity tool.  Engage young people well, and they will tell their friends.  Treat your museum like a You Tube video, make sure it goes viral through positive comments.

To see the full article visit the Guardian’s Cultural Network at



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