Why Use Social Media?

Why should we use social media is a question I get asked lots of times.  I can understand that museums may see engaging in social media as another task to be added to an already stretched timetable.  As resources are diminishing another “thing to do” may not be attractive.

A volunteer museum in Dartmouth has addressed these questions head on. They have even published on their website why they are using social media. For those museums wondering why they should use social media, I urge them to look at the reasons from Dartmouth Museum. Below is a short snap shot of those reasons:

  • Dartmouth Museum things, like opening times, news items, exhibitions, events
  • Dartmouth things, like local events, charities, personalities, TV programmes about the area, historical things
  • Local area things, like what’s going in in local National Trust and English Heritage places, travel news, local news
  • Devon things, like what’s happening on Dartmoor, and not just pony news, either
  • Museum things. We support loads of other museums with our tweets and they support us
  • Off the wall things that are somehow relevant right now
  • We answer folk who ask us things and we ask folk things, too. Twitter’s like sitting in a busy coffee shop and enjoying chatting to your friends, their friends and to passing strangers, so don’t be a stranger!

There is lots more information about how Dartmouth Museum uses social media on their website at http://dartmouthmuseum.org/things/social-media.html  Do have a look at what this volunteer museum is achieving.


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