Starring Role

A historic bus owned by Aston Manor Transport Museum will shortly have a starring role in the BBC1 day time series “Doctors”. 

 The museum was approached by the Doctors production team in January to provide a Routemaster  bus for filming.  The  storyline required that the bus was driven by two of the characters.  This of course involved some pre-filming training for actors Lorna Laidlaw (Mrs Tembe) and guest star Aleksander Mikic.

Martin Fisher, a volunteer at Aston Manor Transport Museum, was responsible for training the actors and taking the Routemaster bus for filming at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham.

Martin was made to feel very welcome by all the crew and cast.  Despite  two very early starts from the Museum in Alridge, and late finishes Martin says:

Over the two days, I was invited into various production control vehicles that were being used to mastermind the recording and to discuss technical aspects of the filming; unlike the only similar filming experience I’d had, where you were made to feel a very insignificant part of the set-up, the “Doctors” crew and actors were intent on making me feel part of their team, which made what many feel can be a boring day, interesting and educational”.

The Aston Manor Routemaster bus starring role will be broadcast on the 1st June (we think). We know that the episode is about the Jubilee celebrations but the rest of the storyline is a secret!

To read more about Martin’s experiences, and to see some lovely photos from the filming Please click here (and scroll through to page 4). Or see Flickr site and open the set Filming for BBC Doctors.

You can also see photos on  the Keep Aston Manor Transport Museum Open facebook page.


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