Sustainable Museums: Spring Greens Event

This week the West Midlands Development Officers ran an event at Winterbourne House and Gardens, Birmingham.  The focus of the day was to explore how museums and cultural organisations can become more sustainable.  There was a wonderful array of speakers and case studies.  They demonstrated how a variety of organisations in the West Midlands are working towards more sustainable activities. 

The key part of the day was to highlight that being sustainable does not need to cost money, that it can be done without spending any money.  One venue, Dudston Pottery Museum in Stoke-on-Trent, has saved money on their electricity bill by simply turning off  unnecessary lights in their displays. The displays are in an original bottle kiln with no external windows.  So if they can save electricity so can any building!

Cheddleton Flint Mill and Chedhams Yard, both small volunteer museums, explained how they were exploring more sustainable sources of energy for their sites.  Each site has respective limitations and restrictions. Both organisations are working hard to overcome these difficulties. Chedham’s Yard are overcoming the lack of running water on their site by installing compost toilets.

All the speakers were excellent and feedback from delegates highlights that everyone found the event interesting and stimulating. The West Midlands Museum Development Officers would like to thank everyone who was involved in the event.  You were all fab!

Click here to download an overview of the presentations (kindly collated by Helen Johnson,  Staffordshire MDO)

Click for loads more useful information and  powerpoint presentations from the day.


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