Funding, funding,funding

Funding, funding, funding, I am sure that is word most often heard in museums.  Every museum is chasing that funding stream and all staff and volunteers are constantly on the look-out for new pots of money. When chasing that funding stream, it is very easy to forget about why you are writing the funding application.  You can fall into those all too easy traps of writing a project to fit a funding stream.  This can mean unsuccessful funding applications and fustration!

The Third Sector magazine has recently published the top 10 mistakes made in funding applications.  They are:

1. Applying for grants you can’t possibly get

2. Asking for too much money. Or not enough

3. Providing too much information

5. Streams of consciousness and other stylistic problems

6. The budget doesn’t add up

7. An invitation to talk to the funder isn’t taken up

8. Forgetting to tailor the application to the funder

9. Assuming the funder knows all about you

10. What difference will you make?

 Click here to read the full article and make your funding applications successful everytime!


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