Funding Opportunities

 Arts Council Grants for the Arts

Arts Council England (ACE) have a brilliant funding scheme called Grants for the Arts.  The fund aims to support arts activities and programmes.  The scheme is open to museums and heritage attractions too.  If you wish to apply for £10,000 or less there is a 6 week processing time. Click here for more information about the Grants for the Arts scheme.  Before you make an application it is strongly advised that you seek pre-application advice from your local ACE Relationship Manager for Museums.


Sandwell Council of Voluntary Organisations Funding Digest

The excellent funding digest produced by the Sandwell Council of Voluntary Organisations can be downloaded from their site at

The funding digest is updated regularly, and includes details of a wide range of funding streams and opportunities.

Fundraising Activities in Arts and Culture

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport have published a really useful report looking at fundraising activity in the arts, culture and sport. 

Key findings were:

  • Organisations that set achievable fundraising targets, were usually more sucessful in assessing their fundraising success.
  • Successful organisations had clear messages that were attractive to donors and funders.
  • Fundraising should be at the heart of organisations, with everyone having a role to play.

Click here to download the full report


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