Collections Information

How to Care for Geology Collections

If you have a Geology collection, but not sure how best to care for it, then you may find these guide notes useful:  Advice Pack for Geological Collections

They have been prepared as part of the West Midlands Geology Stewardship Project.  The notes contain lots of useful advice on caring for Geology collections, and has been written for non-specialist staff.


What’s Eating Your Collections?

Trying to work out what that strange beetle in your pest trap is? Wonder if you have a pest problem and how best to treat it? Not sure where to get advice on pest management issues for museum collections?

Well the answer to all these questions is now available on line.  The wonderful pest management CD-ROM which was produced by Renaissance West Midlands, Birmingham Museums and David Pininger can be dowloaded at

Warning though, the file is large, so view on a good broadband connection.  Also there is lots of large scale photos of museum creepy crawlies!


West Midlands Emergency Response Network

The West Midlands Emergency Response Network provides support and equipment for heritage organisations in the region.  You can join the Google group at

The group also has a Twitter feed, follow the tweets at @wmresponse


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