ImagineNation: The Case for Cultural Learning

Need to make the case for Cultural Learning?  This really useful report published by the Cultural Learning Alliance will help you do this. 

ImagineNation: The Case for Cultural Learning argues that the knowledge, skills and experience made possible by the performing and visual arts, by museums, libraries, archives, and by heritage organisations are essential to young people’s development.

Download the report here or look at the really useful Cultural Learning Alliance website at:

Also check the Creative Culture and Education website for a really inspiring short film about the importance of creativity: great to use in your presentations and publicity:


Impact of School Visits to Museums on Learning and Attainment

Renaissance West Midlands commissioned Consulting Inplace to investigate the impact of museum visits on learning and attainment.  24 pupils, from 4 schools in Birmingham and Wolverhampton were interviewed about their experience of a museum visit.

The report provides some fascinating insights into children’s reactions to museums.   

The key findings is that learning is reinforced best when:

  • Children are active during the museum visit.
  • There are high quality, charismatic guides.
  • Children are encouraged to handle objects.
  • When there are follow up activities in the classroom.

Impact of school visits to museums on learning and attainment full report


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